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RPM Timing Controls

MSD Soft Touch Rev Control for use with MSD 6T

Part No. 8738

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The MSD 6T, 6TN and 6ALN were designed with severe duty racing applications in mind. These ignitions share the same output and circuits of the other 6A Series, but have a few spe­cial features of their own. The 6T and 6TN are equipped with a special 4-wire connector to plug into an external rev limiter, This rev limiter is designed exclusively for the MSD 6T, 6TN and 6-HVC Ignition Controls. It has a special 4-wire connector that plugs into the MSD Ignition. The Soft Touch is a very smooth rev limiting action that “holds” the engine at the selected rpm limit without backfires, extreme roughness or engine damage. The rpm limit is adjusted with plug-in modules and 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 modules are supplied.
For use with MSD 6T Ignition Control
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