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Programmable Launch Boost Controller

Part No. 7562

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  • Absolute control over a turbo’s boost pressure during the launch through advanced programming
  • Map a boost pressure curve based on time from a PC
  • Ideal to control boost pressures during the holeshot to aid in getting the tires hooked
  • Program boost pressure that is used during the burnout
  • Record and review 20 seconds of pressure and rpm information
This stand-alone microprocessor boost control­ler is exactly what-over-the-top turbo powered cars need. This Control uses an extremely fast microcon­troller to control boost pressure via an electronically operated waste gate valve.Through easy to use Pro-Data+ software, you can control the amount of boost pressure used during the burnout and map a boost curve based on time for the launch and entire run. Control over the boost pressure is achieved through a PWM output that controls a three-way electrically operated air valve that is installed between the turbo and the waste gate actuator. (This can also be programmed to your particular actuator.)To help in setting up and tuning the Controller, there is also an acquisition file that records the engine rpm, manifold pressure and the pulse width modulator output. After a pass you can save and download the file to review each pass.
Perfect for Turbo cars
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 This product uses our Pro-Data+ Software, click here to download it. prodata 


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