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MSD 8-Plus Ignition Control

Part No. 7805

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Built-in 2-Step Rev Control

Compatible for 4, 6 and 8-cylinders

Works on single or dual coil output systems

The MSD 8-Plus Ignition produces the same extreme output of the original 8-Series, yet is now in a smaller housing with improved efficiency and internal components. One distinct change is now a built-in 2-Step Rev Control. Now you can switch between two rev limits without extra wiring or housings. For those that are looking for a dual fire MSD 8, the new 8-Plus is all you need. Our engineers were able to deliver an ignition that is capable of firing two coils at once for those extreme racers using dual plug race setups.
Spark Energy:315-345 mJ per spark
Primary Voltage:480 Volts
Secondary Voltage:50,000 Volts Plus
Spark Series Duration:20 degree Crankshaft Rotation
RPM Range:15,000 RPM with 14.4 Volts
Voltage Required:12-18 Volts, Negative Ground
Current Draw:36 Amps at 12,000 RPM
Weight and Size4.85 lbs.,8.25"L x 3.75"W x 5.75"H


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