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MSD HVC Professional Racing Distributor for Chevrolet

Part No. 83921

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  • Engineered specifically for professional circle track racing.
  • Dual Hall-effect pickups are stacked, with an adjustable secondary pickup.
  • Ball bearing guide and oversized shaft for stable timing.
  • Approved Deutsch connectors for secure, solid connect
Through our close relationships with top racing teams, our engineers were able to develop a distributor that will accurately trigger a racing ignition through miles of 9,000 + rpm. Inside, there are two Hall-effect style pick-ups that can be switched for redundant systems. These pick-ups are stacked so any individual cylinder timing will not be affected between pick-ups. Also, the secondary pick-up is adjustable +/-8° so teams can easily tune to their needs. The timing is locked out on these distributors and for stability there is a 1.58” diameter precision ball bearing which also holds the endplay at zero. Engine pressures are sealed off through a double seal assembly and the large Dupont Rynite injection molded distributor cap is securely bolted to the billet base. The HVC Distributors are supplied with a cap and rotor. A 6-foot harness is available separately, PN 8857, to connect the distributor to the ignitions. Also, a gear is not installed and must be purchase separately.
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