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Single Tower Coil, CPC Ignition

Part No. 8232

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  • Designed exclusively for the MSD CPC Ignition Control
  • 85:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • Dupont Rynite housing with a tall tower and isolated primary terminals
  • No CARB Exemption Order Number
For performance applications with multi-channel coil drivers this Single Tower Blaster Coil is a great choice. The Coil will also top off your MSD DIS-HO Ignition system when it is set up for a coil-per-cylinder ignition system. The coil’s low resistance and quick rise time make it ideal for high revving, multi-coil perfor­mance systems.
Coil Specs
Turns ratio:85:1
Primary resistance:.09 OHMs
Secondary resistance:988 OHMs
Inductance:3.7 mH
Maximum voltage:43,000 Volts
Peak current:800 mA
Spark duration:125 uS
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