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Blaster 3 Coil

Part No. 8223

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  • Extra tall secondary tower for secure coil wire connection
  • Improved output coil for electronic ignitions, and MSD Ignitions (ballast resistor required for points)•  100:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • MSD Red metal canister is filled with a premium grade oil for cooling
  • Supplied with a 90° spark plug style terminal and boot
  • CARB E.O. Approved
The Blaster 3 Coil features an extra tall tower design to improve the coil wire attachment and spark isolation. Supplied with a 90° terminal and boot.
Coil Specs
Turns ratio:100:1
Primary resistance:.7 OHMs
Secondary resistance:4.5K OHMs
Inductance:8 mH
Maximum voltage:45,000 Volts
Peak current:140 mA
Spark duration:350 uS
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Carb Approved