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MSD 6 HVC Coil

Part No. 8250

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  • E-Core design produces more voltage and current while running 50% cooler than canister coils
  • Massive laminations and windings are engineered for less energy loss
  • Delivers high voltage to ionize the plug gap while the spark glows with high current
The HVC Coil is designed exclusively for the HVC Professional Racing Ignition Control. The E-Core design of the HVC Coil is more efficient in producing more output with less loss. MSD 6 HVC Coil (Must be used with MSD 6-HVC Ignition)
Coil Specs
Turns ratio:100:1
Primary resistance:.07 OHMs
Secondary resistance:360 OHMs
Maximum voltage:34,000 Volts
Peak current:600 mA
Spark duration:200 uS
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