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Pro Power Coil

Part No. 8201

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  • High voltage coil designed for short duration applications only
  • Primary and secondary windings are encased in Ciba polyurethane for vibration protection
  • Extremely low primary resistance
  • Housing is molded from a durable and high dielectric polyester
  • Supplied with rubber shock mounts
  • For MSD 7ALs, 8 and 10 Ignitions only, not for use on street vehicles
  • No CARB Exemption Order Number
The MSD Pro Power Coil is a great choice for short duration applications such as drag racing. The special windings of the Pro Power Coil have extremely low resistance to produce the highest voltage possible with plenty of spark energy when used with an MSD 7 or 8 Series Ignition Control.The coil wire tower rises tall above the primary terminals and uses a spark plug style terminal for a firm connection to the coil wire. The housing is molded from a high dielectric polyester material and a Ciba Arathane compound adds vibration protection to the coil windings. Vibration mounts are also supplied.
Coil Specs
Turns ratio:100:1
Primary resistance:.03 OHMs
Secondary resistance:1k OHMs
Inductance:1 mH
Maximum voltage:55,000 Volts
Peak current:800 mA
Spark duration:180 uS
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